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He sees her inner self and is in love with her heart and soul. He knows her pain and her emptiness. HE wants to help her live again and be happy. Flag Zapper on March 12, But I love it. The way I interpret it, is loving someone and wishing to be with them despite their past, imperfections, and hardships. It's about accepting someone who they are and making everything better for them.

It's beautiful. I mean, supermassive black hole is about sex.

Flag arrybc on January 02, I think.. Epic Lyrics Flag elfnik on April 12, This song is quite touching. Many songs by this Band are quite good.

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I agree with GottaSecret.. It's quite beautiful to be loved in this way. For someone to help you heal instead of hurting you. But there is a sexual undertone contrasted with the purity of the intent. Good and Bad. Flag UnintendedGuapa on March 30, General Comment I think that this song is directed towards a girl whom has been hurt deeply in the past and therefore closes herself off from love and this in turn makes her bitter.

She still teases men from a sexual stance, but won't let anyone become close to her let alone love her. I also think that he is saying that despite her loss of innocence, he will treat her as if she were pure hence, "I'll make you feel pure". I can totally relate. Flag foreverinmusic on April 24, Memory I feel like the guy in this song, the similarities between the lyrics and what I'm going through are quite breathtaking.

I want to help them, but I have a feeling whoever wrote this song was with or wanted to be with a girl who didn't want or accept that she needed his help. Being held at arm's length is the worst thing anyone can do to someone who cares.

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I mean, we care enough to love you beyond what has happened, what you look like, how you act and we get thrown to the curb. Love is blind, but sometimes when you're blind, you run into knee-height tables and walls General Comment This song reminds me of my girlfriend so much I always play it when we're together good thing we have the same taste in music X'D "I know you've suffered But I don't want you to hide" She's had quite alot of awful shit happen to her, alot of her close family members died recently her farther, uncle and grndfarther being the ones she was closest too not to mention she was constantly bullied and a social outcast until last year :c.

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More Muse Lyrics. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. User does not exist. Incorrect Password. Remember Me. He is looking for a sub to meet his needs. She is just looking for some fun. When these two meet, sparks fly. These are two very different people. He is living a wealthy lifestyle and loves to be in control.

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He meets her and won't take no for an answer. He thinks he has found the perfect sub. She doesn't want to focus on work and does what she needs to make a living. She is not looking for someone as complicated as him but the attraction is very strong. It has a good storyline and held my He is looking for a sub to meet his needs. It has a good storyline and held my attention. The characters have great chemistry. He has secrets that complicate the situation and keep it interesting. I received a copy in return for a honest review, Sep 27, Diane Vandergriff rated it it was amazing.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review This is one is little short for my taste. I wanted more of Nicky and Evan! It was kind of rushed as well. I did love the plot and it flowed smoothly as well as kept me interested. I wanted a little more of the back story for both characters. I loved the chemistry between Nicky and Evan too! While there was one aspect of the story I didn't like nor cared for I won't say what it was - most of you probably will know when you read that I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review While there was one aspect of the story I didn't like nor cared for I won't say what it was - most of you probably will know when you read that part , it didn't stop me from enjoying this story.

This is another great read from Linnea May! Sep 01, Lori rated it really liked it. ARC Review I really liked this story. The heroin is fun, and quirky, and not afraid to say it like she sees it.

Don't Watch: Muse - "Undisclosed Desires" | Consequence of Sound

The hero is your typical billionaire, hard working and arrogant. Somehow these two make a great couple. The budding romance is wonderful. I would have like to have read more about this couple. The end came way too soon. Sep 30, Tammy rated it liked it. Nicky is a fun loving free spirit when she meets Evan he looked totally out of place. As soon as Evan see Nicky he wants her but what will happen when Nicky learns who he is and what he wants. This was an okay read for me, felt a bit rushed.

Would have liked some more character development and more story. Entertaining read. Sep 01, Linda rated it really liked it. Evan is the billionaire dom who thinks Nicky is perfect for him. Nicky has reservations at first but is surprised to find she has a submissive side and Evan is everything she never knew she needed.

Despite the steam this story is pretty tame and still very enjoyable. I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.


Sep 24, Laure rated it really liked it. I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Nicky is a free spirit, she does things her own way. She isn't much of a dancer but when Evan sees her on the dance floor he is determined to have her as his sub. Nicky and Evan are sexy well written characters that discover the importance of sharing the past. Sizzling hot read, I thought it was fantastic! Aug 30, Andrea rated it really liked it.