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The sinking of the Titanic. Heightened intelligence. Superior physical strength.

Trivia from the Twilight Zone by Bill Devoe, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

The ability to read minds. The power of flight. He wishes to recover from alcoholism. He wishes every day would be Christmas Day. He wishes he could give magical presents to people every day. He wishes he could find steady employment. His third arm. His devil horns. His third eye. His tail. Carol Burnett.

Buster Keaton. Jonathan Winters. Bob Hope. In the age of the dinosaurs. In along a modern highway. In an alternate dimension where no one remembers him. He has the nerves to his vocal cords cut. He hypnotizes himself to become permanently mute. He sells his voice to the Devil. He telepathically causes Taylor to not hear him speak. Robert Redford. Robert Goulet. James Dean. Robert Wagner. The Howling Man. Anthony Fremont. Martin Lombard Senescu. The Clown. The Ballerina. The Magician. The Major. Each episode was an hour long. Each episode was shot on videotape rather than film. Each episode was based on a classic science fiction or fantasy short story.

Burt Reynolds. At the end of the parallel as well. A comic book version of this series, "hosted" by the artistic image of Rod Serling , ran until , seven years after the real Serling had died. Klugman and Taylor appeared in the first, third, fourth and fifth seasons, Anderson appeared in the first, second, fourth and fifth seasons and Lormer appeared in the each of the first four seasons. May 30, Rod Serling was often seen with a cigarette during the introduction.

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The American Tobacco Company, a later sponsor, insisted that he always be seen with a cigarette, although Serling refused to plug their brand Pall Mall on-screen. This became a landmark television series. It was beloved by critics and the public as well. Rod Serling 's follow-up series Night Gallery , and other shows he did after that, never had the same impact.

Of the three "The Twilight Zone" television series over the years, this is the only one which does not include Rod Serling 's image during the opening credits. Of course, this is the only one of the series to have the opening voice-over performed by Serling. Michael Jackson sampled Serling's narrations in his song "Threatened".

On August 11, the U. Postal Service issued a pane of twenty cent commemorative postage stamps honoring early U. A booklet with twenty picture post cards was also issued.

On the stamp honoring this show, is a picture of its creator, host, and narrator Rod Serling. Westbrook Van Voorhis was the original narrator, not Rod Serling.

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When Van Voorhis became unavailable after the first few episodes due to scheduling conflicts; Serling filled in; and eventually became the permanent narrator. Edit page. Even after reviewing the entire book, finding the answer for the question is not easy - they are not marked by page!