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And, in fact, it's only been recently that the presence of a ready-made anyone at all, anywhere at all has become blatantly hackneyed enough to prove not always hilarious, not always scary, but sometimes just potentially comforting. Meltzer's term "academic beauty," encompassing such truck as Steve Noonan, Tim Buckley, Simon and Garfunkle sic , The Bee-Gees and Pearls Before Swine, implicates this newer style for the ready-made: the formal one of modular component. Ready-mades can be taken from anywhere and plugged in anywhere. Their neutrality is violated only by the intention of their manipulators and this intention, of course, controls where they wind up.

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Something becomes a ready-made when your manipulative intention takes it from one context to another. When it is intentionally recontextualized.

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And when these new and old contexts are equivalent, then the ready-made could seem comfortable and comforting. In phase. Back to the academically beautiful, and we note that the ideal for this stuff's words is most of the poetry we had to learn in the 7th through 12th grades.

Perhaps that explains its high dullness potential. Album Covers 2.

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Wardrobe 3. Haircuts 4. Half-Time Banter "I'd like to thank my friends here who gave me this little whip.

It's really lovely, I'll keep it and cherish it forever. Appearance of the Instruments 6. Group Athletics 7. Diz-Busters This mysterious phrase graced a terrific song on the band's second album and became the name of my first car, The Seventh Screaming Diz-Buster, a name I told at least one person [who promptly mocked the shit out of me]. There are a few extant theories about its meaning: Albert has revealed that "diz" refers to the cleft of the penis, and that "duster's dust" refers to sperm.

But the concept of diz-buster is left ambiguous. The definition of "something that can make one ejaculate" most plausibly applies to a reading that these seven diz-busters are evil, paranormal sex sirens, woman beings without a conscious [sic], the number seven bringing in a biblical element to the lyric as well. Ebooks and Manuals

But this track could also be one of Sandy's biker songs, diz-buster referring to the result of a long, vibrating Harley ride and then, mamas and old ladies often joke about the orgasmic qualities of a good ride. Indeed, many lines in the song could have one believe that the diz-buster is a bike there is mention of cast iron, the mirror's face, rigid arms, routes, all suggesting this interpretation , especially in Lucifer light of the fact that females, female pronouns, or sexual ideas are never mentioned in the song. Joe sheds more light on his approach to this track's lyric.

Those guys would use a Sandy Pearlman or Richard Meltzer lyric just the way they wrote it. But I always felt that structure was important in music, the structure of the lyric. So I ended up changing around the lines, not changing any of the words per se, but changing the order of the lines, which I also definitely did in Astronomy. And same with 7 Screaming Diz-Busters. Like I say, I wrote pretty much most of the music on our organ, which was in the living room of the house we rented. I would just get up in the morning and start banging on the organ, and came up with that, while Donald and Albert added in sort of the jam section.

Longing for Order, Imagining Nihilism Sandy Pearlman told me that at the last [Black Sabbath show] he attended, nobody in the audience could even stand up, barely managed to applaud, and bodies were sprawled everywhere. Labels: Movie , John Hillcoat. Labels: Movie , Coen Brothers. Labels: movie , Repertory Screening dcp projected in a theater , Wim Wenders. Labels: movie , film noir , Wim Wenders , Zoetrope Studios.

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