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This amazing lady helped shape the American comedy landscape for decades. Mitzi Shore was, and will remain, an absolute legend.

Mitzi, you gave me my first home, my first family, my first safe space to be weird and creative and female and complicated. You gave me permission to be fierce and authentic and to take risks. Thank you for believing in us broken toys, and for helping us heal ourselves. Mitzi Shore made an indelible mark on comedy and my brain. You should wear a scarf on stage. RIP Mitzi Shore. I love you. My thoughts and prayers are with the Shore family.

Scott, Sandy, Peter, and Pauly. Love you all.

Download e-book Mitzi and the Talking Door

A legend in my industry has passed but will never be forgotten. RIP to a legendary woman. Sad to hear of the passing of Mitzi Shore. My condolences to PaulyShore and his family. So sorry to hear about the passing of Mitzi Shore. I performed stand up for the first time ever at the Comedy Store. MitziShore created something very special for comics and a very special space for women. She was ahead of her time, a true outlier. Her legacy has had a direct impact on the comic I have become and, for that, I am forever grateful. RIP to the mother of all comedy Mitzi Shore.

The laughs won't be the same, but the legacy will live on forever. Mitzi Shore died today. She was a titan in the world of comedy. The room she built and the talent she fostered helped make standup what it is today. Thank you Mitzi. RIP Mitzi Shore, the only person I ever met who could make you feel like being declared an "unpaid regular" was an accomplishment. So check out timefinder. Obviously being able to manage yourself and make time work for you is gonna be a great way to help get your book done. Mitzi thanks so much for being here.

Mitzi Shore

Skip to content. Mitzi: Thank you so much for having me on. Angela: Wow! Mitzi: Yes. Angela: So, what do you do in TimeFinder? Mitzi: So, I work with folks one-on-one or doing workshops, and I help people with, or speaking, and I help people with their time and planning, getting better organized. Mitzi: Well, what was interesting is that I had an idea of what I wanted to do, and how I wanted the book to come out, you know, what the outcome would be.

Mitzi: Yup. Mitzi: I did it in, even though I found that right formula, I still had some, lots of starts and stops because I have some things going on with my personal life where I was taking care of my dad who, uhm, you know, was quite, you know, elderly, and some other things that have come up where I really did it in starts and stops. Angela: So, did you know, when you were working on your book, how you were gonna publish it?


Angela: And when and how did you make that decision? Mitzi: I made that decision when I realized that I wanted to have more control over my book and how it was going to read when I talked to a friend of mine who was going to a traditional publisher and she had to turn it over to somebody else who practically or almost rewrote a lot of her book. Mitzi: Sure. Angela: And how long did this whole process take from the time you finished your manuscript until it was available for sale?

Mitzi: So, I believe I uploaded it to the publisher at the end of January? Angela: Ok. Mitzi: If I had to do it again or if I was doing it again, I think one of the lessons I would look at or I learned was to really understand the package that I was choosing from the self-publisher, and what it really meant. Mitzi: Yeah. Mitzi: Well, one of the things I wanted to make sure was that my book, and this was one of the decision-making of who I decided to use that, uhm, I wanted to use a publisher that did do business publishing as well as more than just sold self-help books.

Angela: Yeah! So, you published your book about six months ago, it came out? Mitzi: It came out in June. Angela: Uhumm.

Top 10 Reasons to Downsize Your Home Now

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