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I just love: Practice leads to accuracy, accuracy leads to confidence and confidence leads to fluency! Best regards and thank you for sharing. He captured somethings truly special in that one. I can resonates with all these comments as a learner and a teacher! Start with things you like and are familiar with. Keep the practice. Be in the zone!

Great read to start my day. Thank you! I am a high-intermediate to advanced level English learner. I have been studying English for the last 21 months every day and for the last 8 months I have been using it every day too besides studying it, writing emails, speaking to my wife a non-native English speaker , rarely speaking to a native English speakers maybe twice a month , surfing the web in English and above all watching series and movies in English without subtitles every day at night, at least 1 hour. I also realized that even in my best days I translate a lot I mean that first I think in Spanish and than I say it in English.

Please take a few minutes to tell us about your school (Optional).

Manuel, it certainly seems that you have found a groove, even if you are frustrated by what you feel is slow progress. From what you said and how you said it, your level of English appears quite strong. I would agree that using Spanish at this point could be holding you back. Is there any reason for you to continue translating? I impressed the above facts for improving English Language. My aim to achieve a such type of goal so as to become best of the language. I Real enjoy the way you introduce, 34 tip on how to be came a goog english speaker.

How fluency and accuracy relate in language acquisition and use is a fascinating topic. Accuracy builds confidence. Confidence builds fluency. What do you think?

How to Start Teaching Like a Pro [PDF] - Все для студента

Thanks for the worth advise you mentioned. In fact, to reach a successful result it is wise to provide more fluency practice to our teaching rather than focus on accuracy. Many experienced teachers and less experienced ones make successful effort to feed their student especially with grammatical structures unfortunately, learners find difficulties in expressing themselves accurately with the language acquired.

Most of them suffer from this lack. In fluency not only we always focus on knowledge and skill requirements as topic related vocabulary and structure. Chunks and communicative skills are advised; but also the control of pronunciation, intonation, negotiation of understanding and use of fillers and awareness of discourse are accurate.

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In my modest point of view encouraging students to use fluency with slight delayed assessments may well lead to an acceptable accurate language. Moreover, it gives to learners an enthusiastic desire to continue developing their language skilfulness. Otherwise learners find difficulties in practising speaking since they face lack of vocabulary, afraid of making mistakes in pronunciation, misunderstanding tasks or boring ones and shyness.

In addition, the interferences with mother tongue. Likewise, less practice of oral part of the language and the emphasis rather on accuracy than fluency because of the testing system based on written tasks. I especially like the statement that fluency and accuracy are not the same. In my opinion, for many adult learners, fluency should be the priority. Accuracy given a good environment will naturally follow. Great piece, Jason!

It seems to me that accuracy can follow fluency or vice versa; the key is in the experience and environment, not to mention the personality of the learner. I have to agree most with the statement of Vicki, I really feel that motivation is the number 1 needed element to be fluent in a foreign language. Actually, without motivation, there is no way that one can become fluent in a foreign language. Motivation is number 1, indeed! The question is, what leads a learner to be and remain motivated…then we get into what many of the others are saying, I think.

Hi Jason! This is very informative. More explanation for each word would be helpful and i totally agree with all of them. What should be the basic learning starter for english language? Could you tell me a bit more about what you mean about the basics you mentioned? Hello, this is a great compilation. Thanks for putting it together.

Pro Tips to Succeed as an English Teacher in a Korean Classroom

Let of self consciousness is the most important one i think. This is the stumbling block that makes new students hesitate from trying to speak and practice skills in public. Do you have any suggestions for how students can try to do this? Pingback: Talk to yourself in the shower and other ways to get better at speaking in English — Sean Laurence. You must be logged in to post a comment. How to speak English fluently?

What is English fluency? Then, build from there. Interact with messages you genuinely want to hear and understand. Create a network and celebrate your successes.

25 Things You Should Know About Becoming a Teacher

Hearing and seeing leads to understanding, then skills building, and finally proficiency. Use your hands. What are the Essentials for English fluency? Here is the list again: Have a geniuine purpose and motivation for learning and using English. Notice English around you, and engage with English that really interests you. As much as possible, read and listen to English that is easy and comfortable for you.

Communicate and collaborate often with others, in person and through media. Plan and set realistic goals for yourself. Try out new things without worrying about mistakes. Now, over to you. How to speak English fluently — 34 experts give their tips. Definitely agree with all of them. Log in to Reply Many thanks, Ryan.

ALL of them?! Log in to Reply Ah! I got you. Log in to Reply motivating indeed! Log in to Reply Awesome!!! Smiles right back at you! Log in to Reply This design is steller! Log in to Reply Thanks so much! Log in to Reply Thanks so much, Jason, for the free lessons and all the rest. Much respect!

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Log in to Reply You are a champion for putting this together Jason! What a great idea and resource. Well done!

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It was a great pleasure to do. Log in to Reply Hi Jase what a great post! Log in to Reply Thank you, Jenni! Log in to Reply Thank you, Gladys. Log in to Reply Thank you. Your article is very helpful to me. Log in to Reply Which tips resonated depended on different stage of my language 6 learning? Log in to Reply Hey very nice blog!