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As for the other names Kluth and Rucks they do not appear on my family tree at all. I hope this helps you in your search. Alexander Burger and wife Nancy of Eagen, Minn. Funeral servic My Uncle Roland Federly has a lot of information gathered. Can put you in touch with him if he hasn't already been in touch.

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Grandville, Mr. Esther Ferry, Mrs. William Kluth , Mr. Harley Rice, Mrs. Nora Schuler of Torch Lake. Obit: Billie J. Steven M. Nelson, Dr. David W. Nelson, Richard S.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Cliff Cochran, and c His name was Carl or Charles Kluth b. They had several children together.

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One of them was my gre Where in the US did this man settle. I have a Martin Kluth in my files. His age is wrong to be your Kluth's father, but perhaps another sibling? Laura M. I am looking for my grandson Michael Charles Smith born onOctober 4, Mother lived with Aunt in Grandview, Wa. Dorethca Stademann.

She was born Dec 14, in Warrein Mecklenburg Cleveland, Ohio. Best Regards.

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Luci Kluth. Where is Kobelictz? My g-granfather was Herman Musolf, born Jan. He married Martha Kluth about in Prussia. They came to the states in with 5 sons. Herman, I am told, was one of Looking for info on great grandpa Peter Kluth , from Milwaukee b. Could your line of Kluths in Wisconsin be related?

Names or keywords. Advanced Search. Use Soundex. Hide Advanced Search. The no-reading rule remains, but we allow singing; one need not finish one's main course to qualify for pudding, but must make an effort and should try everything. Children may leave the table when they are finished but should ask to do so. My wife is German and I am British and there are definitely some differences in table manners: She opens a boiled egg with a knife rather than a spoon, eats directly out of the serving dish, licks her knife, talks with her mouth full, doesn't believe in side-plates, napkins or pudding, and tilts her soup bowl the wrong way.

Comment Your wife wouldn't get away with that at my mother's. Das widerspricht auch den deutschen Regeln. Comment What a barbaric wife you have, Graeme! Only joking Licking one's knife is definitely a no-no for me - especially since I once saw a guy cutting his tongue while doing so.

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Although it was only a small cut, it wouldn't stop bleeding and was not a nice sight at all. Wichtig ist vorher zu testen, wie scharf das Messer eigentlich ist. Your wife sounds like my husband :- Although in the meantime a withering look from myself never in a good mood at breakfast or our daughter stops his jammy or honey knife midway to mouth.

Practice Grammar of German - New Edition (English and German Edition)

And side-plates for bread and putting butter on the same with a butter knife instead of poking around in the butter dish. However I'm afraid I have to admit good table manners seem more widespread in England than here. Comment Buttermesser of course. Comment rbartlog: Oh yes, I did notice. Always reminds me of Quasimodo ;- graeme: I don't care at all, if you like to lick your knive in the own kitchen, or eat your dinner lying on the sofa and watching TV or if your wife does like that.

I often do so, if I am alone in the evening better have the telly-friend around than nobody while eating ;- But if you are sitting opposite me in any restaurant, I would at least notice. Belongs to how much you are spitting while talking and eating at once, I woult tend to find it quite disgusting. And its very essential for children to learn the right behavior, for it is common to judge trade partners by the politeness of their manners.

And this is not oldfashioned. It is still use to take an aspirant to meal while having a job interviev. And if in doubt, the manners could change the result at least to the negative.

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But now I am the courious one: Which one is the wrong way to tilt a soup bowl? Comment I seem to remember that at least in Germany you shouldn't tilt your soup bowl at all - but I do it as well. Comment You should always tilt it away from you, for practical reasons in order not to spill soup on your lap. However I only know this as a rule of etiquette from England.

Comment The table manners discussion reminds me of all sorts of things. Our table etiquette included: "No elbows on the table! Hold your knife and fork properly! Do you want to eat on the floor with the cats? Don't talk with your mouth full! The President of France will never invite you to dinner if you eat like that - you'll have to eat with the chickens! Think of the poor people in Europe who can't afford meat! Was meat expensive in Europe in the 70's?

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In NZ we also only have green asparagus, and I didn't like it as a child though it was usually out of a tin, and my parents were unable to tame the wild asparagus in our garden, which grew into a kind of bush with little peas on it. But I must agree with Charlotte that I have also seen Americans demand huge servings and then leave most on their plates in 3 weeks as a waitress in NZ, but also here in Austria.

I think it's because they eat all day I've seen what snacks they buy in the supermarket - and then they're not really hungry at mealtimes. Which brings us back to another table etiquette maxim: "Don't eat just before dinner, you'll spoil you're appetite. Comment Oh, and a nursery rhyme to challenge the etiquette: "I eat my peas with honey I've done it all my life It makes them taste quite funny But it keeps them on my knife!

I wonder where such horrendous table manners could come from Comment Chaja: Stimmt! Ich habe nie ein Problem damit gehabt. Comment My father and his contempories at boarding school had their upper arms tied to their bodies to make sure that they kept their elbows in whilst eating. I don't like to imagine how many lashes of the cane were dished out for licking one's knife. Comment Mary: I guess parts of the poor people from Europe who couldn't afford meat emigrated to NZ and conserved the knowledge of poverty and hunger in Europe for generations.

In the 60's and 70's one of Germany's main problems were overfed children due to the superabounding amounts of edibles after the poverty of the war. Comment when I was an au-pair in GB , the two boys in my charge were slapped by their mother at mealtimes if they held their forks like spoons, no matter what they where supposed to eat with them. I, sitting next to them and also eating, lost my appetite pdq, as I just couldn't eat peas or anything else, for that matter like that at all. Always good for a trauma. But as far as I know you may use pieces of bread to pick up the rest of sauce - but not with your hands.